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West Virginia

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Known as the Mountain state, much of West Virginia’s culture and history has been shaped by the mountains that run throughout the state.  The driving forces of their economy include coal, natural gas and tourism, none of which could exist without the state’s bountiful natural resources.

Brumbaugh Appraisals can assist owners of production plants, restaurants, medical practices, mines, office buildings and more with accurate, defensible appraisals of a variety of equipment and heavy machinery.

From Huntington, Charleston, and Parkersburg to Morgantown and Martinsburg, Brumbaugh Appraisals can serve much of the state.  Merger & Acquisition, Banking, CPA, Legal, Financial and other professionals are encouraged to reach out to the Brumbaugh team if you feel you may be in need of an appraisal.

We can be reached through our contact form, by phone at 919-870-8258, or by email at info@brumbaughappraisals.com.

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