Medical Equipment Appraisals

Medical Equipment Appraisals

Medical Equipment Appraisals

Brumbaugh Appraisals appraises all types of medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical equipment and other health related equipment items on a timely and cost effective basis.

Our firm has expertise to accurately appraise medical equipment for all purposes including the sale of a practice, taxation issues, mergers / acquisitions, insurance replacement costs, donations, balance sheet adjustments, and lease termination residual values.

We have worked with many types of medical practices, including but not limited to:
•    Cancer & Radiation Therapy Centers
•    Surgery Centers
•    Medical Groups
•    Skilled nursing facilities
•    Senior living facilities
•    Rehab Hospitals
•    Dialysis Centers
•    Diagnostic Imaging Centers
•    Physician Practices
•    Radiation Therapy Centers
•    Multi-Specialty Practices
•    Dentistry Practices
•    Optometry Practices
•    Ophthalmology Practices
•    Chiropractic Practices
•    Urgent Care Centers
•    Clinical Labs
•    Sleep Labs

We have experience appraising MRI systems, ultrasound equipment, CT scanners, physical therapy equipment, anesthesia machinery, sterilization units, cardiovascular equipment, X-ray machinery, pharmaceutical packaging equipment, and many other medical equipment items ranging from common to specialty equipment items found at your practice.  View a summary of our Certified Appraisal Process.

Types of Appraisals
We can provide Desktop and complete appraisals for your practice at locations across the country.  Our affiliated partners, who are domiciled in multiple cities across the country, are probably an easy drive from your location.   The ability to get an appraiser on the job quickly without incurring high travel expenses or lengthy time delays benefits our clients and offers good service at very competitive rates.

Desktop appraisals are the most cost effective appraisal type.   They meet the detail requirements for most medical equipment purposes except for litigation, tax related, and banking considerations.   This approach utilizes the client’s information as to manufacturer name, model number, and other details along with photographs you provide.   We literally can do the appraisal from our desk using your information.  The reporting for a Desktop Appraisal is virtually the same as a Full Appraisal Report with the exception that we state the equipment has not been personally viewed or inspected.

An appraisal report is the highest level of certified appraisal and is done using appraiser gathered information, data collection, and photographs.   You can be comfortable knowing that this level of medical equipment appraisal can withstand the scrutiny of litigation, tax challenges, and banking / SBA loan requirements.

Approaches to Value
As we look at your equipment and consider what something is worth, we consider three approaches to value.  The Income Approach looks at revenue streams associated with a specific piece of medical equipment.   Often, this approach to value is difficult to determine so we consider the Cost Less Depreciation Approach and Market Comparable Approach to valuation estimates to arrive at an estimate of value for your medical equipment items.    All medical equipment appraisers at our firm consider these three approaches and through a trained eye, we assign an estimate of value based upon the approach that makes the most sense and provides the client with the most correct estimate of value given their purpose for the assignment.

All appraisal partners are Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (CMEAs) with experience in the medical industry.  They are knowledgeable in the items being appraised and current with their appraiser certification credentials.    And, your final report is always reviewed by Robert Brumbaugh who is a Master Certified Machinery and Equipment (MCMEA) appraiser.   Bob is one of about 32 MCMEA’s out of the nearly 550 affiliated appraisers around the world.

If you need an appraisal for purchasing previously owned medical equipment or buying out an End of Lease purchase, we can provide Fair Market Value estimates for those items.   Selling your practice?   A medical appraisal from Brumbaugh Appraisals can help ensure that you receive top dollar for the medical equipment items owned by your firm.   Medical equipment can have various values depending upon the age, condition, upgrades, and other considerations.   While the value of previously owned medical equipment might seem difficult to determine, we can cut through the maze and give you an accurate and defendable estimate of value at a fair price.

If you have questions or would like to discuss an equipment appraisal in more detail, please call us or send a request for more information.


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