Blacksburg Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Blacksburg Machinery & Equipment Appraisals


Blacksburg is best known to most people as the home of Virginia Tech, and is definitely a college town.  The college dominates the economy of the city, and has led to the creation of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center that host several large international, technology focused companies.  So, despite being over 200 years old, Blacksburg is a very modern city and moving even further forward.

Blacksburg is also close to the I-81 corridor, which drives much of the commerce in Southwest Virginia, all the way to Bristol at the Tennessee border and north on I-77 to Bluefield.

If you need any type of equipment or machinery appraised, including but not limited to construction equipment, restaurant machinery, transportation (air, ground or water) equipment, agricultural machinery, business office equipment, heavy machinery, medical or dental equipment, please contact Brumbaugh Appraisals to see how we can be of service to you.

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